What I have learned from my biggest failures

Failure is inevitable. You’ll fail many times in life. The more successful you want to be, the more you’ll probably fail, at least in the beginning. Because good decisions come from experience and experience comes from making bad decisions. If you want to be successful faster, you probably have to double your rate of failing. That’s how you learn faster as well. Is this Agile?!?

If you persist from failure to failure long enough, you shall find your success sooner or later. But you have to fail fast. You must not build false hopes on your ego and naivety. You have to be brutally honest with yourself, honest about whether something works or not and where you’re going. Can you listen yourself?!?

You need a strategy, you need metrics and you need to learn fast. You must know that failing sucks, and you have to take time to emotionally process every failure, otherwise you can only slowly become a very bitter and unhappy person. That’s something no money or success can undo. It’s true that good times make soft people and tough times build character, and so you can build your character going through failure, but being under stress for a longer period of time is also how you burn yourself out and fail too deep to stand up again. Therefore you need a superior life strategy and a system for dealing with failure – a system for validated learning and healing your wounds.

So, besides a few big failures I managed to successfully complete many projects. Except my own life!